Kelly Rowland secretly married earlier this year?

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According to a report from on Tuesday, Sept. 17, singer Kelly Rowland and her longtime boyfriend and manager Tim Witherspoon were secretly married earlier this year.

The insider apparently has close ties to Witherspoon and claimed that part of the reason to keep the wedding private was because of her personal image.

“Kelly and Tim have been together for years, and decided to get married,” stated the source. “Kelly wants to keep her sexy singer image alive, so she’s keeping everything a secret. Most people didn’t even know she had a boyfriend.”

In a nice twist, it turns out that the couple decided not to get wedding rings, as they instead got matching tattoos on their wedding fingers as a sign of their love.

In prior reports, the “Destiny’s Child” songbird had offered up her viewpoint of her relationship status, perhaps in an effort to put on some kind of smokescreen.

“I’m actually single but you know you have little things on the side,” Kelly stated. “There’s nobody I’m dating but I have a special friend.”

Turns out that special friend may now be her husband.

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