4 Sports to Play to Get Fit


Engaging in sports is not just a fun activity; it also keeps one fit. Fitness is the body’s ability to function effectively both in and out of work activities. Being in this physical state is beneficial as it increases your energy levels and boosts your attitude and self esteem. A fit person can carry out his or her daily activities without being exhausted too fast due to the enhanced flow of blood in the body. You do not need to perform perfectly; just do it since the little that you do enhances your fitness degree. Sports also help you be mentally fit by fighting depression and anxiety. Here are some sports to keep your body in good shape:

1) Squash

This is a racket sport that is played indoors for a single or team players. Squash calls for many movements around the court; thus, you should be fast and be ready to boost your endurance levels. It works on most of the muscle groups thus burns calories and aids your cardiovascular system. Squash burns relatively 840 calories in an hour. Also, it enhances your flexibility, develops body power, and enhances hand-eye coordination. To be able to play effectively, you need to train. One of the best ways to train for squash is attending a training camp. Get yourself a GoRuck coupon code today and train with the best.

2) Running

Running is a cheap cardio exercise to get your body fit. Unlike exercising at a gym, which only stays open for some limited hours in a day, running can be done any time thus fits into your schedule. All you need are comfortable running shoes to reduce the risk of injury and a safe running track. Running keeps you fit by regulating your weight. It burns an average of 600 calories on a one-hour or a 6-mile run. It also boosts your immune system as it reduces your blood pressure and cholesterol level thus cutting down the risk of heart disease.

3) Cycling

Cycling is a low-impact cardio workout; it burns an average of 400 calories an hour. Its intensity degree is high it gets your heart rate up almost like running. All you need is a bike and protective gear. The best thing about cycling is that it does not put stress on your joints. Thus, it is gentle on your body posture. You can cycle outdoors on the road or bike trail; alternatively, you can cycle indoors using a stationary bike. It works by strengthening your back, legs, glutes, and hips. To get the best out of cycling, take long, difficult and frequent rides. This keeps your body fit by burning more calories and improving your muscle efficiency.

4) Swimming

Unlike other sports that put pressure on your joints, swimming helps you get fit without putting much strain on the body. It would help if you started with slow strokes to builds your intensity and power. Swimming enhances lung capacity, helps you lose weight, build endurance, and helps build muscles. To achieve this, you need to swim faster and for a longer duration. The best part about swimming is it can be done in any season in an indoor pool.

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