Chris Brown plays for the camera following recent gym workout [PHOTOS]

Chris Brown after a recent workout (Photo credit:


According to a report from on Saturday, March 9, music star Chris Brown had a lot to say during a recent showing at Emerson Theatre in Hollywood.

Grabbing the microphone from a DJ while in the building, Brown opened up and went into a bit of a rant on how to talk to women.

“You gotta say that one thing to her,” Chris stated in a recorded sound bite. “Don’t make me have to tell you again, that’s my p*ssy baby. So, you better not give it away!”

Chris would continue his dialogue.

“So, every person in this motherf*cking building, if you got a bad b*tch you better say that sh*t to her, or she might f*ck another n*gga,” he added.


In Chris’ world, he has been seeing Rihanna plenty in recent months.

In other news, as evidenced by a report from on Saturday, Chris was photographed leaving a recent gym session.

Wearing grey shorts, Chris was seen showing off his six-pack as he played to the camera.

Perhaps not too happy with the cameras on him, Chris even grabbed his crotch in an attempt to offer up some entertainment.

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