Discovering the Vegas Veg Fest in 2017

The Vegas Veg Fest is officially in town (Photo: Vegas Veg Fest)

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By Chris Robinson

I must admit, there is something about Veganism that is becoming very intriguing to me.

Veganism is essentially the practice of not eating any meats, fish, or poultry, as well as abstaining from other animal products and bi-products such as eggs, honey, and other dairy products. While I used to think that it would be difficult for one to take in the Vegan lifestyle, I’ve come to appreciate just how appealing and delicious the food can be.

In Las Vegas, there are some great, upcoming Vegan restaurants, shops, and food services that you can enjoy. I remember having an in-depth conversation with Mindy Poortinga of Vegan Meals by Mindy, and she was able to fill me in with so much information on what the Vegan way of life is truly like.

With my interest in Veganism at an all-time high, I am making it a point to hit up this year’s Vegas Veg Fest here in Las Vegas. Taking place today, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., the Veg Fest features a conglomeration of top Vegan brands and it is a FREE event that will give anyone with interest an inside look into the Vegan world.

As I am finishing up this post, I will also be making may way to the Fest shortly, where I will be interacting with several brands and companies.

Check back in the coming hours for more video and photo updates from this year’s Vegas Veg Fest and please give them a follow on Instagram.

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