Don Magic Juan speaks on the possible divorce between Ice-T and Coco [VIDEO]

According to a revealing report from on Sunday, March 10, the estranged relationship between Ice-T and his wife Nicole ‘Coco’ Austin is set to take another turn.

Ever since rapper AP.9 released personal pictures of himself with Coco at a Las Vegas nightclub in December, her relationship with Ice-T has been in question.

And when AP.9 followed up recently by showing off more intimate photos from his night with Coco, word later leaked that Ice-T was looking to file for a divorce.

During a recent interview with Vlad TV, Ice-T’s longtime friend Don Magic Juan gave his personal take on the issues the couple is facing.

“Well, the only thing about it, it could happen to most of us,” stated Juan. “The only thing about the guy in Vegas with Coco is that Ice-T is high-profile. When you’re high-profile, it just gets out. He’s high-profile, so everybody gets a chance to hear the news.”

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Juan added that as part of their prenuptial agreement, Ice-T is entitled to collect on some interesting assets that he gave to Coco prior to their marriage.

“But Ice-T is a real serious player and believe me, he’s been getting his worth out of that female,” Juan added. “I heard something about it, that in the pre-nuptial agreement, he wanted his t*tties and that booty back. He owns that. She’s got to give it back.”

Shocking and bizarre news indeed. Let’s wait and see how this plays out.


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