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Ludan Taquiqui, Will ‘Knockout’ Clemons, and Abudul Musawwir Muhammad, inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club (Photo: Chris Robinson –

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By Chris Robinson

Since relocating to Las Vegas in late 2009, I have come across some true characters from all walks of life.

The city is a special one because it is structured so differently from others. People from all over the globe relocate here in an effort to change their lives and chase their dreams.

Through my connection to the sport of boxing, I ┬áran across Abdul Musawwir Muhammad last year and I’ve found him to be a soul you can’t soon forget.

A native of Philadelphia, I like to call Musawwir the ‘Jack of all trades’ because of his many talents, from cutting hair, cooking up a nice meal, and even going to town on the mitts.

As a barber, several fighters from the renown gym have sought out Musawwir’s services, including Mayweather Promotions’ star fighters J’Leon Love, Luis ‘Cuba’ Arias, LaDarius ‘Memphis’ Miller, as well as the one and only Will ‘Simply Amazin’ Clemons.

Keep it locked to for more of Musawwir’s story and his views on life and please check out a recent video where he shares his thoughts on boxing, life, the city of Las Vegas, the Mayweather fighting family, and more.

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