Getting Ready For ASD Market Week

By Dennis Guillermo

There is an endless amount of things to do in Las Vegas. 

I’ve been a lifelong frequenter of Las Vegas, and moved here full-time in recent years. 

Recently I have been attending some key expos at the Las Vegas Convention Center, including the annual ASD Market Week.

ASD is held twice each year, in spring and summer. Definitely a great expo if you are into retail, apparel, and alternative products.

The networking opportunities at ASD are priceless. I not only get to connect with potential clients and suppliers, I also have met and still keep in touch with several mentors and important and influential personalities in the industry. 

ASD has provided a consortium for industry leaders and aspirants to interact and grow together. 

Whenever I attend a convention at the LVCC, I take the new Tesla Loop. The tunnel gives you a peek into the future of transportation. I love how efficient and convenient it is and how it makes attending ASD a breeze. 

As huge as the convention space is and Vegas in general, having a way to be connected through the entire event without further laboring in steps, goes a long way.

ASD is just a few days away. Always love seeing what’s new in the retail clothing and fragrance industry at this expo. New innovations and trends allow me to keep my inventory relevant and profitable.

Will be providing some of the brands I come across that stand out most.

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*** Photo courtesy of Hustle Boss

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