Is Rihanna upset at Chris Brown for using her to regain his fame?

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According to a report from on Monday, May 20, music superstar Rihanna is still upset at the way her relationship with Chris Brown played out for a second time.

The two former lovers reconnected back in October and the following months have been a whirlwind that have included public sightings, twitter innuendos, and several questions that went unanswered.

In the wake of their split, Rihanna has been left with the feeling that while her emotions were taken for granted, Chris meanwhile has been relaunching his career.

Speaking to the British magazine Star, a source opened up on Rihanna’s mindset.

“Rihanna took a massive risk with Chris, letting him back into her life after his conviction, learning to trust him again, then going public with their romance again,” added the insider, citing the February 2009 initial breakup between the pair following a domestic violence incident.

Rihanna understood that the public wouldn’t be overjoyed by her choosing to reconnect with Chris, but it was a choice all her own.

“She took more than her share of flack for staying with a man who beat her, and all the while Chris has been reviving his career,” added the source. “He was virtually blacklisted by the industry after what he did, and with [Rihanna’s] support, and their publicity their relationship has brought, found respectability.

“Rihanna is angry that she let herself invest so much time in Chris again and is sick of him constantly letting her down,” the source continued. “She feels like he takes her for granted and forgets what they’ve been through and what she’s done for him – she basically put him back on the map.”

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