Luis Arias: ‘Pacquiao is fast and he does a lot of very good things but he also makes a lot of mistakes’

Luis Arias, right, with Floyd Mayweather (Photo: Chris Robinson)

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By Chris Robinson

If ever there was a fighter who fit the description of a hardcore fight fan, it very well may be Luis “Cuba” Arias.

A Milwaukee native who made the move to Vegas years back, Arias is as down to earth as they come and always keeps his eye on the latest the sport has to offer.

Arias (10-0, 4 KO’s) spent his early professional run under the Mayweather Promotions umbrella and was a fixture at the Mayweather Boxing Club but he has since relocated to South Florida, where he is presently eyeing a run in 2015 with a new team behind him.

Arias spent a few years training alongside Mayweather, sparring him on occasion, and is thrilled to see the much-anticipated Manny Pacquiao fight come to fruition for May 2 in Las Vegas.

“I’m excited,” Arias told “As soon as they announced it I was geeked. I was already hearing about it and I felt there was no way this fight couldn’t happen. I’m happy as a fan. It’s going to be a great fight.”

Arias may no longer be fighting under Mayweather’s promotion, yet he is still able to give an unbiased breakdown of the fight.

“I’m going for Floyd,” said Arias. “Got to go with the undefeated man, pound for pound king. Pacquiao is fast and he does a lot of very good things but he also makes a lot of mistakes and Floyd is the king of capitalizing on mistakes. I know Floyd is going to be the bigger guy, the taller guy.

“Floyd is the best at capitalizing on mistakes and the best at adjusting,” Arias added. “I think Floyd is going to beat him.”

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