PHOTOS – Behind the Scenes of ‘Stand Up or Sit Down’ Comedy [Season 2, episode 2]

Comedians on stage performing in Las Vegas during the second season of “Stand Up or Sit Down” (Photo: Hustle Boss)

By Chris Robinson

It’s always unique to see something that is made from scratch and grows organically.

This past Saturday night, April 15, was the second edition of the second series, and we were fortunate enough to again be present in the building to capture some intimate images and take in some vibes and laughs.

So, as we have begun taking in the second season of Stand Up or Sit Down comedy series out in Las Vegas, I smile when looking back at how the show has progressed and evolved.

Big Doc again set the tone as the evening’s host, as regular performer Khalil Mack catered to guests in the building while serving as the co-host.

Noted performer DJ Deladiea set the backdrop with his music, as comedians such as Duembad Jenkins, Mac Rome, Trez Mala, Sixx Ocho, and others kept the evening rolling.

More details on the third installment of Stand Up or Sit Down will be coming shortly. For now, please check below for a visual flashback to this past Saturday night.

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