Photos: Chris Brown shows off his new ‘El Toro’ custom Lamborghini

Chris Brown showing off his new lamborghini (Photo:

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According to a report form Yahoo! on Wednesday night, April 24, music star Chris Brown has pulled off a collaboration of another kind.

For the past few days, Brown, a noted Lamborghini fan, has been mentioning a new car he has built with the well-known West Coast Customs shop in advance of their forthcoming TV series on Fox Sports.

Showing off a new, freshly-painted Lamborghini Gallardo that he is calling “El Toro”, images of the vehicle have been leaked via Instagram. Donning blue, white, red, and gold colors, the luxury vehicle is slightly-reminiscent of something you would see from the movie and TV series “Speed Racer”.

West Coast Customs founder Ryan Friedlinghaus sent out the photo online on late Tuesday, as Brown was recently spotted driving the vehicle from the Los Angeles paparazzi.


It remains to be seen what exact changes were made to the vehicle, as that’s something that will likely stay under wraps between Brown and West Coast Customs.

What is evident is Brown’s ability to still grab headlines no matter what the occasion.

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