PHOTOS: Jamie Mitchell training hard for her pro debut

Jamie Mitchell has her sights set on the professionals ranks (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

There is definitley an influx of boxing talent in Las Vegas and new faces are always emerging.

I’ve been noticing the high ambition and equally high skill level of Jamie Mitchell inside of the Las Vegas gyms recently. Mitchell has hopes of turning professional this year and with the guidance of esteemed trainer and former WBA light heavyweight champion Eddie Mustafa Muhammad behind her, she seems poised for a breakthrough.

“I love his intensity with his fighters,” Mitchell said of Muhammad, who she specifically sought out prior to her quest to become a champion in the pro ranks.

“He just connects with his fighters,” she added.

Originally from East Los Angeles, Mitchell has a calm and steely demeanor inside of the ring, and a move to the professional arena seems like a natural fit.

Stay tuned for more of Mitchell’s story and check below for more photos of her at work.








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