Photos: Kim Kardashian flashes back to her time in the Dominican Republic


On Friday, March 15, reality star Kim Kardashian took to her personal Instagram page, where she showed off a few revealing photos of herself in an aqua blue bikini.

Of course, these aren’t new pictures, as Kardashian is well into her pregnancy, as she is expecting her first child this year with her beau Kanye West.

Rather, the photos were a look back at Kim’s time traveling to one of her favorite hot spots.

“Flashback Friday- I miss the Dominican Republic,” Kim stated, while showing off the three pictures.


One photo later, and Kim showed off a photo of herself with sisters Khloe and Kourtney. This picture appeared to be a few years old, with the message reading “Flashback Friday – 3Dash Dolls”.

Also on Friday, Kim showed some love for her younger brother Rob, who will be in Las Vegas today in support of a recent venture.


Taking to her personal Celebuzz page, Kim issued the following.

“I’m so proud of Rob and all the work he has put into his amazing sock line, Arthur George! He just added a crew/sport line and a women’s line to his expanding collection! [On] Saturday, March 16th, at 1pm, he’ll be having his first personal appearance at Kardashian Khaos, at The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas so if you guys are the area, you should stop by to check out the collection and say hi to Rob! Xo”

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