Saints planning for life after Drew Brees?

Drew Brees has been the quarterback for the New Orleans Saints since 2006 (Photo: Instagram)

Buffalo Bills v New Orleans Saints

By Chris Robinson

According to a report from Ian Rapoport on NFL Gameday Morning, the New Orleans Saints will be looking to draft a quarterback high in the 2015 draft.

Drew Brees has had great success as the Saints’ starting quarterback dating back to 2006 but at 35 years old the team understands they must plan for the future.

“They believe they can see the finish line here,” Rapoport stated. “My expectation from talking to several sources involved in the situation is that the Saints will draft a quarterback highly this year.”

Brees is listed at 6’0″ while weighing 209 pounds,  and is regarded as a smaller QB in the league.

“In fact, they wish they had done this in previous years,” Rapoport added. “Mainly because, as you mentioned, Drew Brees is 35 years old, he’s not as big as Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, and they’ve seen some arm strength issues that have cropped up in the last several games, throwing crucial interceptions, the kind which we never see from Drew Brees. They’re starting to wonder what is next at this position.”

Brees is an eight time Pro Bowler and led the Saints to a championship at Super Bowl XLIV in New Orleans.

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