Shakira shows off baby photos of her son amidst latest legal drama

Shakira showing off a photo of her son Milan on the set of “The Voice” (Photo:


Latin superstar singer Shakira’s ex-boyfriend and former business partner Antonio de la Rua filed a lawsuit April 12 in California against her. According to his lawsuit he alleges their severed business partnership entitles him to $100 million of her earnings. The Columbian born singer signed a 10 year deal in 2008 with Live Nation worth around $300 million and de la Rua and his attorney feel he is rightfully owed a portion of that money.

Shakira who’s real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll has enjoyed phenomenal success and de La Rua claims he scored lucrative music deals for her and guided her career. He says it “was not simply luck” it is the result of a hard fought battle to conquer the music world that she and he fought together as business partners.

Antonio De la Rua is a successful Argentinian business man and son of former Argentine President Fernando de la Rua. He feeels he deserves compensation as well as credit with being responsible for expanding Shakira’s career beyond the Latin American market.

Back in 2011 after Shakira and De La rua parted ways after a decade long relationship the singer posted to her website, “We continue to be partners in our business and professional lives.”

Shakira has moved forward from her past relationship with new professional and personal highs, as a judge on the hit NBC television show “The Voice” and dating Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and she is also a new mom to their son named Milan.

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