Shock photo: Erica Mena exposed inside of a nail lounge bathroom in New York


All you have to do is tune into an episode of the latest season of VH1’s “Love and Hip Hop” to get a sense of just how comfortable aspiring artist and model Erica Mena is getting to the spotlight.

Mena’s relationship with manager Rich Dollaz has become one of the focal points of the third season of the popular show, and she seems to be more comfortable with everything that comes with being in front of the camera on a daily basis.

According to a report from on Friday, Feb. 1, Mena was recently inside of a Nail Lounge in New York City when she was seen in a surprising position.

It turns out that Mena, who was using the bathroom, as she could be seen sitting on a toilet, had her picture taken by a makeup artist named Christine, who in turn shared the photo via Instagram.

And while the picture is relatively harmless, it may not be the exact kind of exposure that Erica is looking for at this particular point.

Anyone looking for more of “Love and Hip Hop” can tune into VH1 on Monday nights.


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