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A candid interview with Saturday Morning Productions’ director Andre Diaz, as he discusses his time covering Brandon Bass, creating ‘The Pursuit’, and more

Andre Diaz, pictured right, interacting with Boston Celtics’ star Brandon Bass during the film of “The Pursuit”



By Chris Robinson

Having covered the sport of boxing for several years running, I still feel as though there is much more for me to learn and many more doors to open.

With an interest in creating my own videos that had lasted for a little while, I finally set up my own YouTube page this past summer and have since been looking to hone my editing skills along the way.

As I continue to push forward with personal videos, I always keep an open mind for what other artists bring to the table as well.

Last month, through the magic of social-networking, I crossed paths with aspiring director Andre Diaz, as he took the time to introduce me to his YouTube-documentary series titled “The Pursuit”.
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