VIDEO: Bar Refaeli’s Go Daddy Super Bowl commercial

On Sunday night, Feb. 3, the Baltimore Ravens pulled off a tremendous upset in outlasting the San Francisco 49ers 34-31 in Super Bowl XLVII become league champions.

Throughout the Super Bowl, as is always the case, the game was littered with several high-priced commercials.

One ad that seems to be generating serious buzz, both positive and negative, is Go Daddy’s clip featuring model Bar Refaeli making out with an awkward looking geek, played by Jesse Heiman, in a feature that is meant to show what happens when “smart” meets “sexy”.

The feedback from the ad has been noticeable, but not all the comments have been supportive. Read below for a snippet of what the public is saying.


“You couldn’t pay me enough to do that shit.” – Lean Thueringer,

“Never got what all the fuss was about her. She so so at best. Leo dumped her pretty fast too.” – TRUTH,

“I didn’t even see this but heard it while I was in the kitchen. My husband who was watching it said it was disgusting. My problem with such commercials (and GoDaddy is always disgusting) is that kids are watching this show — There’s no warning that such garbage is coming on. What is the point of such advertisements other than shock value? And who writes them? People stuck back in the 7th grade with raging hormones and nothing but dirty jokes on their minds??? Come on, people — let’s grow up!” – JJ, The Wall Streen Journal

“I think it’s jealousy speaking from those who wish they were kissing Refaeli.” – fscantori,

“God d*mn, he got to kiss such a nice gal for whole 8 seconds and you know what is the best in it? THEY DID 60 SHOTS OF THE KISSING SCENE! It’s…it’s…480 seconds of pure kissing such a hot babe…lucky b*stard!” – andrut82,

“That was hideous to watch and HEAR! Ick.” – Debbie,

“I believe the issue was the disgusting “slurping” sounds, not the beauty-nerd image.” – aj, The Wall Street Journal

“THAT’S ONE LUCKY GUY” – TheSylar225,

“I’m afraid her expression after the kiss just before she smiles says it all. The smile at the end was when she remembered her paycheck.” – What the Faff,

“If i was a girl, I wouldn’t even let him touch my boob. Wonder if he even got a hard on after 45 takes” – DICK,

“This commercial was so effective that we saw that in Italy as well tonight.” – ranaamerindia,

“1.) it doesn’t matter who is kissing – nobody wants to see tongues and bodily fluid being exchanged. especially when we’re eating!
2.) i’m sure that guy was a step up from who (and what) that girl kissed to get where she is today
3.) smart girl/sexy guy wouldn’t work because most ‘nerdy’ girls are not overweight. they might be a little plain but nothing a change of clothes wouldn’t cure” – Joye, The Wall Street Journal

“I wonder how much she was paid for that…………….and I wonder if he was paid at all!!” – Neesagon,

“So nevermind if he is a decent guy, all that matters is that he sucked face on the boob tube with a model. How shallow have we going to get?” – KICKSANDGIGGLES,

“So disturbed… will take some intense therapy to overcome this.” – Jen Downey,


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