Beyonce goes free-falling in New Zealand during her latest world tour

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According to a report from the Huffington Post on Saturday, Oct. 19, music superstar Beyonce was recently spotted preparing for a free-fall over a tower in New Zealand.

The report comes on the heels of Beyonce taking to her personal Instagram page, where she posted two photos for her seven-million plus followers on the social-networking site.

“Freefall in New Zealand!” Beyonce would exclaim in the first photo, as she stood next to her instructor.

A follow up report from the Daily Mail noted that Beyonce was on Auckland’s Sky Tower during the aforementioned photo, with an estimated 1,076 foot jump soon to follow.

A source close to the scene revealed that Beyonce’s jump was kept as discreetly as possible so that crowds wouldn’t show up to witness the act.

Beyonce is presently on the final stretch run of her “Mrs. Carter Show”, as the 32-year old songbird already performed three shows in Auckland, with a scheduled appearance tonight as well.

From there, Beyonce will hit up Australia as the tour rolls on.

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