Bob Arum knew Juan Manuel Marquez wouldn’t retire following his bitter loss to Tim Bradley

Bob Arum discussing the Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado matchup (Photo: Chris Robinson – / Naoki Fukuda)

By Chris Robinson

Following his tough loss to Tim Bradley this past October, there was some uncertainty regarding the future of Mexico City’s Juan Manuel Marquez.

Having turned 40 this past August, Marquez insisted that a rematch with Bradley, and a chance to win a title in a fifth weight class, was the only interest to him.

Months went by and it seemed more and more likely that Marquez would indeed end up fighting. Earlier this month an interesting clash with former junior welterweight titlist Mike Alvarado was officially announced, as Marquez will meet up with the Denver native on HBO on May 17 from the The Forum in Los Angeles.

Catching up with Top Rank CEO Bob Arum, who will be staging the Marquez-Alvarado matchup, he was quick to point to the historical significance of Marquez returning to a refurbished venue that he is so familiar with.

“I think it’s an interesting fight because of the styles of the fighters,” Arum noted. “I think that Alvarado is going to give Marquez a hell of a fight and very well could beat him. I just think it’s a tough fight for Marquez and I’m thrilled that Marquez is going back to the Forum, where he made his bones, so to speak. Now he’s coming back opening up the new Forum. It’s very exciting.”

Marquez fought a spirited battle against Bradley but he was simply outworked and out slicked at key spots in the match.

And while the disappointment that followed was obvious to spot in Marquez, Arum knew his pride would carry him on.

“No,” Arum answered when asked whether he ever thought Marquez might walk away. “He was disappointed. He always thinks [he won] close fights. He’s very competitive and that’s the first thing he says is ‘I’m going to retire.’ I never thought he was serious.”

There is already another opportunity on the table for Marquez, as a victory over Alvarado could lead towards the winner of the April 12 rematch between Bradley and Manny Pacquiao.

“If he beats Alvarado he wants the winner of Pacquiao-Bradley,” Arum stated. “That will give him another chance to win the welterweight title and that’s what he’s looking for.”

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