Floyd Mayweather continues hurling insults on Instagram, this time turning his attention to Amir Khan, Marcos Maidana, and once again Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather vs. Amir Khan in 2014? (Photo: Idris Erba / Edit via MeniSuperMeni)

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By Chris Robinson

Over the past few days, Floyd Mayweather has gone on a bit of a mocking spree on Instagram.

It all started on Dec. 22, when Mayweather released his own “Christmas card to the world”. Along with his message, Mayweather posted a four-picture collage that mocked his rival Manny Pacquiao. [Click HERE to see the photo]

A few days later, in a shot that may have been taken upon Mayweather’s arrival from Tokyo, he could be seen having fun again with Pacquiao and this time with the Filipino star’s trainer Freddie Roach.

“Manny Pacquiao mixed with Freddie Roach. Meet my friend, Manny Roach,” Mayweather claimed, as he posted a photo of a man who he felt was a mix of each man.

Finally, on Christmas Day, Mayweather took some barbs at British star Amir Khan and Argentinean brute Marcos Maidana, two men in the running to face Floyd this coming May in Las Vegas.

“Just imagine what Amir ‘Con Artist’ will get if his name gets picked in the Mayweather sweepstakes,” Mayweather claimed, showing off a photo-shopped image of himself dropping Khan.

Not to leave anyone out, Mayweather released another photo shopped image, this one of him drilling Maidana with a right hand.

“Can I please order a one-piece with a biscuit? No sides,” Mayweather mused.

And finally, Mayweather would again turn his sights to Pacquiao once again, posting a photo of himself jabbing the eight-division champion with a crisp shot and claiming the following.

“Juan Marquez ate Timothy Bradley’s leftovers. Now you’re telling me I got to eat Juan Marquez’s leftovers? Let me talk to the IRS about this…”

No official word on when Mayweather will announce his next opponent, but he already seems to be upping his gamesmanship this holiday season.

FOR A CLOSE-UP view of Mayweather’s Instagram disses, as well as other boxing news, check out the thumbnails below…

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