Floyd Mayweather: ‘I feel like a woman is a reflection of a man; I feel like she should shine like new money’

Floyd Mayweather (Photo: Instagram.com)

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By Chris Robinson

As seen in an Instagram.com update on Tuesday, Nov. 26, boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather took a minute to show some appreciation for Jamie Foster Brown, Founder and CEO of Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

“Thanks @jamiefosterbrown for allowing me to tell a very exclusive story in @sister2sistermagazine,” Mayweather would state, while showing off the cover of the latest Sister 2 Sister Magazine.

Earlier this month in Las Vegas, Sister 2 Sister celebrated their 25th anniversary. At the event, Mayweather and Brown shared some time on the red carpet that saw Floyd open up about his story.

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“Like I said before, I got a very interesting background and I came from a very interesting family,” Mayweather stated. “But I always stay focused and I always believe and I just went out there and worked hard. As far as Sister 2 Sister Magazine, you hear so many different stories; good stories, sad stories. But at the end of the day you always try to take something negative and turn it into something positive.”

Brown then took a moment to compare Mayweather to her own father.

“When he was talking about how he has to focus on what’s going on with his family, how to take care of all the people around him, I’m looking at his eyes and he’s reminding me of my father because my father was that kind of man,” said Brown.

Mayweather then revealed more on how he treats the women in his life.

“I feel like a woman is a reflection of a man,” said Mayweather. “So I feel like any woman that is standing next to me, if I feel like new money, I feel like she should shine like new money.”


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