Floyd Mayweather says there is no beef with 50 Cent: ‘Real friends go through ups and downs’

Floyd Mayweather training in Las Vegas for his May 3 match vs. Marcos Maidana (Photo: Idris Erba – www.IdrisErbaPhotography.com)


By Chris Robinson

It’s been well-documented how former friends and associates Floyd Mayweather and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson had a following out over various issues related in and out of the sport of boxing.

While the two could be seen taking shots at one another on their personal Twitter accounts roughly a year ago, the tension has since subdued.

During a recent conversation with Mlive.com’s David Mayo, Mayweather expressed his thoughts on the situation.

“Just as a man, I respect him; I love him,” Mayweather said of 50 Cent. “There’s a lot of my friends, a lot of my associates that I don’t speak to on a daily basis. That doesn’t mean that I wish anything bad toward them.”

In the past 50 Cent would be a fixture at Floyd Mayweather’s training camps but he hasn’t been inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas dating back to Floyd’s May 2012 showdown vs. Miguel Cotto.

“50 Cent’s a great guy; he’s always invited into my gym,” Mayweather said. “If his fighters want to come to my gym and work, they can come work in my gym also.”

Mayweather showed continued maturity by insisting that true friends can weather all storms.

“You can’t be my friend on Monday and then not my friend on Tuesday,” Mayweather explained. “Real friends go through ups and downs. I can’t say in November, a guy’s my friend and I love him, and in December I hate him. Sometimes, things can be miscommunication. A lot of times, media can play a major role. Things can get said that’s not true.

“Hopefully, his music can go back to the top,” said Mayweather. “And hopefully, he does good in the sport of boxing.”

Mayweather faces off with Argentina’s Marcos Maidana on May 3 from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in a Showtime pay per view showcase.

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