Floyd Mayweather Sr. says Brandon Rios can’t fight; claims Pacquiao should try avenging his loss to Bradley

Floyd Mayweather Sr. speaking in Las Vegas, Nevada (Photo: Chris Robinson – www.HustleBoss.com)

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By Chris Robinson

Any given Monday after a big fight weekend, you are sure to get your share of feedback from so-called pundits and hardcore fans alike.

And while Manny Pacquiao looked fairly impressive in overwhelming former lightweight titlist Brandon Rios in Macau, China over twelve rounds, not everyone was sold on the Filipino star’s latest exhibition.

Never one to bite his tongue, outspoken trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. was quick to give his reaction to the fight, first setting his sights on Rios.

“Yeah, I saw it,” Mayweather Sr. revealed. “I’m going to be honest with you, the guy can’t fight. Not Manny Pacquiao; the guy that he fought can’t fight.

“Because the guy don’t have what it takes,” Mayweather Sr. added, still focusing on Rios. “He don’t have the skills, the knowledge, none of that stuff. All he can do is cuss. He can’t fight like he can cuss.”

Pacquiao may not have shown a killer instinct against Rios, but he showed excellent speed and solid stamina while throwing several fast, sharp punches from different angles.

Still, Mayweather Sr. doesn’t feel it was enough to rekindle the interest in a potential fight with his son Floyd.

“I’ll tell you the truth, Manny Pacquiao aint ready for my son yet,” Mayweather Sr. stated.

If not Floyd, what should be next for Pacquiao?

In Senior’s eyes, former Pacquiao foe Tim Bradley, who edged Manny via a controversial split-decision in June of last year, makes perfect sense.

“He needs to fight Tim Bradley,” stated Mayweather Sr. “I aint saying that he didn’t beat him the first time, I’m just saying he has to do it where there is no doubt. I’m not saying he didn’t beat Bradley the first time. You could have gave it to either one of them. Nobody really took no control of the other one.”

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