Is Draya Michele upset after seeing her ‘Basketball Wives LA’ co-star Bambi making out with another chick?

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In the early hours of Sunday, Feb. 17, VH1 reality star Bambi from the hit series “Basketball Wives LA” took to her personal Instagram account to release a head-turning photo.

Appearing to be inside of a nightclub, Bambi was seen locking lips with another woman in an obvious moment of being carefree.

“Gimme kiss,” Bambi would state along with her photo.

The picture got a fair share of reaction from some of Bambi’s over 124,000 Instagram followers, one of those being her co-star Draya Michele.

With her first response, Draya seemed to be in disbelief, claiming “I don’t like.”

Draya’s follow-up response seemed to point towards just how irate she was

“And don’t be tryna blame it on the alcohol tomorrow either b*tch I’m pissed,” said Draya.

It seems that from her responses, that Draya may have some kind of vested interest in Bambi, but it remains to be seen how serious her remarks are.

As noted in the past, Draya is very open with her bi-sexuality, and it’s not a huge shock to see her upset with Bambi.


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