Jeff Mayweather expects Tim Bradley to be full of confidence heading into his rematch with Pacquiao

Trainer Jeff Mayweather speaking in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson –


By Chris Robinson

As he heads into the lone rematch of his career, an April 12 assignment in Las Vegas vs. Manny Pacquiao, WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley appears to be as brash as ever.

Bradley scored two uplifting victories in 2013, netting a narrow decision over Ruslan Provodnikov in March in a wild fight and coming back seven months later to edge Juan Manuel Marquez over twelve tense and tactical rounds.

And while the Pacquiao rematch presents a completely different kind of puzzle, Bradley seems upbeat for the chance to set the record straight following his controversial split-decision victory in the first meeting nearly two years ago.

“Tim Bradley, his confidence has gotten a lot higher than it was the first time after beating Marquez,” stated trainer Jeff Mayweather when asked about the fight recently during our conversation in Las Vegas.

“Well I just feel that Bradley is going to have more confidence than last time,” Mayweather added. “I don’t know if there’s anything either one of them can do different.”

Mayweather was adamant following Bradley’s victory over Pacquiao that the wrong man had been given the decision. And while he still maintains that belief, he knows fully well that two years can change things.

“I feel like the first fight that Pacquiao actually won,” Mayweather stated. “He didn’t get it. But Tim’s going to have a lot more confidence. And in the last fight he did twist his ankle pretty good.”

And while not quite being able to pinpoint why Bradley will have a different outlook heading into the second duel, Mayweather just expects a different fighter in two months.

“It seems to me like Tim is getting a little better,” Mayweather said. “He showed he can use angles and box a little bit. I just think he’s going to do better.”

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