Jeff Mayweather touts Tim Bradley’s improvement as a fighter while claiming Pacquiao to be far past his best

Manny Pacquiao and Tim Bradley facing off (Photo: Chris Farina – Top Rank)


By Chris Robinson

As seen with recent “Face Off” and “24/7” airings on HBO’s airwaves, the April 12 Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley rematch is starting to pick up some serious buzz.

Insider predictions on the match have produced varying results and in the coming weeks we will look to give you more thoughts from the boxing world on boxing’s latest pay per view showcase.

A recent visit though the Mayweather Boxing Club saw trainer Jeff Mayweather share his thoughts on the fight.

Check below for Jeff’s take on Bradley’s improvement since his controversial split-decision over Pacquiao in their first fight, his reason for siding with Pacquiao in the rematch, and more.

Better and better…
“I think that it’s going to be a good fight. I think that Bradley has shown himself to become a much better fighter. In all honesty I thought he lost first fight big. But since then, he’s shown that he’s gotten better and better in each fight. Pacquiao has just been knocked out as well. I expect it to be a good fight. Probably a lot closer than it was last time.”

Favoring Pacquiao slightly…
“At this point, I guess I still got to learn towards Pacquiao. He won the fight too big to not get the decision. I still think Bradley is going to give a great performance but I won’t be surprised if he pulls off the upset.”

Performing on a high level…
“I guess the one thing is that he showed me he’s got heart, he’s got will, and determination. And don’t get me wrong, I like Bradley as a fighter. Because he always seems to find a way, no matter what type of adversity he’s going through, he someone finds a way to still perform on a high level. The fight with Provodnikov, in that fight he showed tremendous heart, tremendous will. That was another fight that was very, very close. Could have went either way I thought.”

Growing as a fighter…
“But the Marquez fight, he actually showed that he has grown into a fighter that isn’t not ready for big fights. He’s ready for the big stage and he realizes that it’s no longer about Manny Pacquiao. It’s no longer about Marquez. Those guys are past their prime and he believes in his heart that he’s the guy now. Mentally I think he’s a much better fighter.”

How close Pacquiao is to the fighter who stopped Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Miguel Cotto in successive fights five years ago…
“To be honest, he’s not even close to that fighter anymore. It shows. When was the last time he knocked out anyone? It also seems like his killer instinct is gone. He’s not the same fighter.”

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