Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries reportedly planning to reach a settlement in divorce case

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The lengthy legal battle between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries has lasted longer than their 72-day marriage. According to on a report date Thursday, April 18, however, it appears that the battle is coming to an end, as the two may agree upon a divorce settlement as soon as tomorrow but there is no guarantee.

Kim Kardashian had an iron-clad prenup before the two married but it hasn’t stopped Humphries from suing Kardashian for fraud, claiming she married him in order to seek higher ratings on her reality television show while benefiting financially from their wedding.

There is no evidence whatsoever that Kim defrauded Kris but both parties continue racking up massive legal fees. Prolonging the divorce is costing them substantial amounts of money and if the courts rule in favor of Kim she may request that Humphries pay all of her legal fees.

It would be a much wiser move for him to settle than avoid going to trial while mounting up money to his attorneys. It is reported he is seeking possibly $7 million.

The process has been mentally-draining for Kim, who is trying to move forward with her life.

She is expecting a baby with her rapper-boyfriend Kanye West.

Humphries, a power forward for the Brooklyn Nets, knows the odds are against him in court due to the prenup he signed back in 2011, but he may be dragging this through the courts for possible revenge against Kim for abruptly ending their marriage.

The two are due in court tomorrow. We will keep you posted.

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