Kim Kardashian takes to Instagram to show off her growing baby bump

Kim Kardashian showing off her baby bump (Photo:

kk preg1

On Saturday, March 6, reality star Kim Kardashian took to her personal Instagram page, where she showed off a photo of her growing baby bump.

With the title “baby love”, Kardashian showed two side-by-side photos, one of her with a white shirt on and the other showing her bare belly.

Over the New Year, Kardashian had announced that she and her boyfriend Kanye West were to be expecting their first child in 2013.

Upon hearing the news, fans met the announcement with all kinds of feedback both positive and negative, from rumors of just how close the couple is to one another these days, to how their lives will eventually change when Kardashian welcomes her newborn into the world.

As for the reason Kardashian showed off her growing baby bump, some assume that she did it simply to prove that she is indeed pregnant. As was the case with Beyonce a year and a half ago during her pregnancy with her daughter Blue Ivy, some questioned if Kardashian truly was pregnant in the first place.

It’s obvious by the photo that Kim is well along in her pregnancy.

The image on her Instagram has thus far generated over 821,000 likes and went viral on several websites.

Expect more news on Kardashian in the coming days.

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