Manny Pacquiao throughout the years: Suffering a knockout loss in a thriller vs. Juan Manuel Marquez

Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez engage in thriller in their fourth encounter. Each man would taste the convas, but Marquez would emerge victorious with a 6th round knockout.

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Photos courtesy of Naoki Fukuda

MP over the years ...marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_1_20121209_1374394014 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_1_20121209_1937899478 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_2_20121209_1107999826 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_2_20121209_1590625353 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_4_20121209_1080878753 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_5_20121209_1109706782 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_7_20121209_1228064376 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_7_20121209_1439158033 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_8_20121209_1520296793 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_9_20121209_1328356689 marquez_vs_pacquiao_iv_10_20121209_1119564413MP over the years ...

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