‘Married to Medicine’ episode 4 recap: Mariah and Toya get into a huge fight

8 MM brawl

The latest episode of “Married to Medicine” on Sunday, April 14, did not disappoint viewers.

The show featured Mariah and Kari throwing a joint birthday party for their husbands Dr. Duncan and Dr. Aydin at Kari’s home. Kari spent the entire day setting up all the festivities for the party.

Meanwhile, Mariah’s sister Lake alerted her that her so-called friend Toya was going around telling people in a local salon that Mariah’s daughter is not biologically her husband Duncan’s. She also claimed that the child doesn’t know that not her father.

Lake also told her sister that their overprotective mother Lucy was present at the salon and knows what Toya said. Of course Mariah was livid because she entrusted her secret with Toya and felt it shouldn’t have revealed.

The day of Duncan and Aydin’s party, Mariah could not be found and continuously ignored all of Kari’s phone calls. A visibly frustrated Kari couldn’t understand why Mariah never helped assist with the party.

After two hours Mariah and her husband Aydin finally arrived to the party in a stretch Hummer limo walking in and greeting guest who had been waiting for them for hours.

Mariah asked Kari if she was not talking to her for being late. She replied ‘No’, and said she was worried about her. Mariah proceeded to tell Kari that she was lost and that her ringer was off her phone, basically using every excuse she could think of.

Cast mate Lucy arrived and immediately came in insulting Kari’s home as well as the party décor and verbally attacked Toya for saying that Keri’s home was nice and Mariah’s home was not. Lucy also accused Toya of being a hater.

Toya decided to approach Mariah about her mother’s rude comments. It turns out that Mariah was already upset at Toya for spreading around her secret about her daughter.

Mariah and Toya walked away from the crowd and began to argue. They both got loud and Mariah started annoyingly touching and flipping Toya’s hair.

That is when all h*ll broke loose and Toya threw a drink at her and Mariah hit her with her purse. There was no stopping all of the punching, pushing, grabbing, and hair pulling.

Lucy even joined the scene, hitting Toya in her head a few times with her purse in a chaotic scene. It took quite some time to break the two of them up.

Kari came back from inside the house as was humiliated to learn that the fight broke out between the two women at the party she was hosting. Lucy was proud of her daughter, saying she was glad she hit her.

Kari called security to remove guests from the party, including Mariah. This upset Mariah to learn that she was being thrown out of her own husband’s party. Aydin was upset with Mariah’s actions and proceeded to pull her purse out of the pool.

At the end of the episode Kari was talking to Duncan, expressing how she wanted to get a restraining order against Mariah. Duncan said “Just think about how much her life is ruined now, Aydin is going to divorce her tomorrow I guarantee it.”

There was plenty of drama on Sunday’s episode. Now we can see why this Atlanta based show is a ratings hit. Viewers can check out more of “Married to Medicine” on Sundays at 9 pm ET on Bravo.

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