Mayweather Sr. reacts to Tim Bradley’s victory over Marquez and reveals why he should stay away from Floyd

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By Chris Robinson

In the wake of his split-decision victory over Juan Manuel Marquez this past weekend in Las Vegas, WBO welterweight champion Timothy Bradley has seemed to gain a newfound respect from fans, the media, and his peers.

Coming off of a brutal unanimous decision win over Ruslan Provodnikov this past March, a fight in which Bradley admittedly exchanged too much for his liking, Tim changed his tactics up by boxing a determined and disciplined fight against Marquez.

And despite the cries of robbery coming from Juan and his team afterwards, the general consensus was that Bradley had boxed well enough and nullified Marquez’s offense to the point where he deserved to be the victor.

Sharing his thoughts on the fight, outspoken trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr. seemed baffled as to how judge Glenn Feldman had the contest 115-113 in favor of Marquez.

“I think all of these judges now is bullsh*t,” Mayweather Sr. said from within the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas on Monday afternoon.

“They did it when Bradley fought Pacquiao,” Mayweather Sr. added. “They did it when my son fought Alvarez. Now, they did this sh*t again with Marquez. One judge had him [winning]. That’s what I’m saying about all of these judges.”

The above-mentioned fights saw judge C.J. Ross offer up scorecards that seemed out of line, as she favored Bradley over Pacquiao 115-113 in their June 2012 clash while calling Mayweather Sr.’s son Floyd’s clear victory over Saul Alvarez last month a draw at 114-114.

“I’m not saying all of them, but I know there’s going to be some more in the makings,” Mayweather Sr. would elaborate. “It aint right.”

In September of 2009, Floyd Mayweather convincingly beat Marquez inside of the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, capturing a commanding unanimous decision victory.

Mayweather Sr. was asked if he felt Bradley was trying to follow up on Floyd’s success by implementing a similar game plan against Marquez.

“It aint no blueprint,” Mayweather Sr. insisted. “That’s an old man that has lost a lot of things that he had. Honestly, I thought that Marquez would do better. But then again, the guy’s 40 years old. You’ve got to look at it for what it is.”

Following his triumph, Bradley expressed his desire to face the best in the division, including Mayweather.

Not a wise move in Mayweather Sr.’s eyes.

“It better be in the future and he better try to make it last,” Mayweather Sr. expressed. “Because he’s still got a gap on my son. That’s a good generation gap he’s got. He’s 30 years old against a man who is six [years older] but the man who’s six years older is going to whip his *ss.”

As far as any advantages he sees in Floyd’s favor, Mayweather Sr. had little trouble offering up a response.

“Everything,” he stated. “He’s faster. He’s quicker. He’s more knowledgeable. Look here, all you got to do is look who is in the corner now. My son knows what his Daddy is talking about. Tell him a little bit and it will bring out a lot.”

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