Photos: Beyonce flaunts her figure for H&M’s new Swimwear Campaign

Continue on to the slideshow for a photo-by-photo look at pop superstar Beyonce’s latest spread for H&M’s upcoming Swimwear Campaign. (All photos courtesy of

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As evidenced in a report from on Monday, April 15, pop superstar Beyonce continues to draw in exposure in the 2013 calendar year.

So far, 2013 has proven to be quite a prosperous one for the 31-year old vixen, from her photo spread for GQ, her appearance during the Halftime show during this past Super Bowl, as well as her new look for an upcoming Pepsi campaign.

And while Beyonce received some flak for the drama that followed after it was revealed she had lip synced while singing the National Anthem at President Barack Obama’s second inauguration, she hasn’t lost her confidence at all.

Now also serving as the face of H&M, fans were recently treated to Beyonce wearing exclusive swimwear apparel from the company for their summer campaign.

The colorful photos show Beyonce in various poses, sometimes wearing a bikini, while appearing to have more of a casual look in other pictures.

Either way, it’s easy to spot just how focused Beyonce is as she continued to soak up the spotlight.

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