Photos: Evelyn Lozada staying fit ahead of ‘Basketball Wives’ premiere


All anyone has to do is take a look at Evelyn Lozada’s personal Twitter and Instagram pages to see how much of a focus she has put on her personal fitness these days.

On Tuesday, April 2, Lozada was again on Twitter, telling her fans to check out her new blog on “Youthfully Yours”, noting it was in reference in “how to lose weight in your problem areas”.

With a new season of “Basketball Wives” on its way, the 37-year old Lozada has been putting a strong emphasis on her appearance, as several of her Instagram updates in recent weeks have shown her working out and staying fit.

“Working on my *SS, *SS, *SS” Lozada joked in one of the photos while going through her routine.

“Looking like a ‘Tom Boy’, feeling the burn!” another message revealed, as a makeupless Lozada was seen working on a leg exercise.

A strong emphasis of Lozada has been her work on her abs, as several recent shots see her flaunting that particular area.

Another photo showed Lozada with her female companions of “Basketball Wives”, as they were shooting a promo clip for the upcoming season.

Having separated from her then-husband Chad Johnson last year, it’s good to see Lozada staying confident.

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