PHOTOS: Flawless Diamond Gang Artist King Truth Spotted in Vegas

Artist King Truth was recently spotted in Las Vegas (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

Earlier this week I ran into an acquentance of mine, King Truth, an Oakland area rapper who has been spending much of his time in Las Vegas in recent years.

King Truth, who represents the Flawless Diamond Gang, has an unabashed, brazen style while on the mic, and an energy that admittedly can be a bit infectious. It had been a few years since I had worked with Truth, but was happy to have spotted him just north of the Stratosphere while in route.

Truth sampled his new track “Paper Trail” for me just before the sun was about to set and instantly started¬†feeling his flow.

What I appreciate about Truth is that he is always so upfront on who he is and never one to try to put up a front. And he has talent too. Keeping up with his story won’t be a dull task at all.

Check below for more photos of King Truth and stay tuned for his next move.





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