Rihanna reveals why she was ‘happy’ on Valentine’s Day


On Thursday evening, Feb. 15, international pop superstar Rihanna took to her personal Instagram account, where she revealed to her legion of followers what she has received as one of her Valentine’s Day presents.

“Roses are green! Somebody knows how to make me happy,” stated the 24-year old Rihanna, as she showed off a picture of a huge marijuana plant that was loosely shaped like a heart.

It remains to be seen who exactly got Rihanna her gift, but given how closely she has been connected to her rekindled love interested Chris Brown in recent months, it would of no surprise if he was the one to surprise her.

Brown does have a California weed card, as noted by TMZ.com, so he would be fine to legally purchase such a present. However, he giving the marijuana to someone else is deemed illegal.

It remains to be seen where exactly Chris Brown and Rihanna stand with their relationship.

While the couple have seemed to embrace one another in recent weeks even more so, as evidenced by their time together at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, some reports indicate that Rihanna very well may have spent her Valentine’s Day all alone.

Either way, perhaps the marijuana will tide her over.


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