Rihanna speaks from the 55th Annual Grammy Awards


It’s hard to believe that it was a little over four years ago to the day that music star Chris Brown saw his relationship with Rihanna come to a heartbreaking end after a domestic violence incident led to his arrest on the eve of that year’s Grammy Awards.

The two stars appeared to go their separate ways but it was assumed they still had strong feelings for one another.

And despite the criticism that came with her actions, Rihanna slowly but surely let Chris back into her life in recent months, from their rendezvous in New York back in October, their courtside date at the Los Angeles Lakers-New York Knicks game, to her recent confession in an interview with Rolling Stone.

Fully embracing their relationship, the young lovers were once again cozying up to one another at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Feb. 10, in Los Angeles. Sitting inside of the Staples Center, Rihanna was donned in a red dress while Chris wore all white.

It’s a striking image of how much commitment and love Rihanna and Chris still seem to have for one another.

Expect more Grammys coverage in the coming hours.


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