Rob Kardashian gets ‘TURN UP’ in Las Vegas during his 26th birthday [PHOTOS]

Rob Kardashian parties in Las Vegas with his mother Kris Jenner and friends (Photos:


As seen with updates to his personal Twitter and Instagram accounts on Sunday, March 17, reality star Rob Kardashian appeared to have a great time as he celebrated his birthday.

Rob is now officially 26 years old and appears to be bouncing back from some recent rough patches that included a break up with his then-girlfriend Rita Ora and a weight gain of nearly 50 pounds.



Rob’s sister Kim recently had updated fans with the news that Rob would be present at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday for an appearance inside of Kardashian Khaos to help promote his sock line Arthur George.

One night before his appearance, Rob was spotted inside of 1 OAK with his mother Kris Jenner and some of his friends and he began his birthday celebration a little early.




With several Instagram posts reading “TURN UP” along with his picture updates, it was obvious that Rob was hyped up during the festivities.

It appears that Rob is now back in Los Angeles, as he mentioned he is looking forward to partying at the popular hot spot Greystone Manor just a few hours ago.

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