Surprising reports about Kandi Burruss’ engagement ring from Todd Tucker



{Photo credit: US Magazine via Kandi Burruss)

When it was reported a few weeks ago by US Magazine that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss had become engaged to Todd Tucker, fans of the show seemed to be genuinely happy for the reality star.

The initial report of the engagement claims that Tucker proposed to Burruss with a “gorgeous two-carat white diamond sparkler” ring that was customized by Gregg Ruth in Las Vegas. Reports claim that the ring could be anywhere from $40,000 in total.

However, according to a report from on Thursday, Jan. 31, it looks like the ring might not be worth nearly as much.

After Ira Weissman of the got a look at the ring, he issued the following.

“At first glance, the ring looks like a stunning two-carat oval diamond. But at closer inspection, this is clearly not what we’re dealing with here.”

Weissman added that US Magazine may have been misleading its readers, as the ring is actually a two-carat total weight diamond sparkler.

Weissman added off Burruss.

“She had a great opportunity to make a difference by explaining what her ring was really all about and telling the world she didn’t care,” he stated. “That this ring made her extremely happy because of how much her man loves her, not because of how much he spent on it.”

Either way, Kandi’s ring still looks immaculate.


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