#1 Ranked Devaughn Lucas RETURNS to Vegas for more All-Out Sparring at Tocco’s/MBC [VIDEO]

Devaughn Lucas, center, flanked by All-Pro Offensive Tackle Trent Williams (left) and trainer Otis Pimpleton (right) after some more tough sparring(Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

It was just a month ago when I crossed paths for the first time with aspiring amateur prospect Devaughn Lucas. Fighting out of Texas, Lucas is ranked #1 in the country at 125 pounds and I was able to catch him in action inside of Johnny Tocco’s Ringside Gym during their monthly First Friday Exhibition Sparring series.

Lucas is very strong physically and also very much poised for his age. He went some rounds with fellow amateurs Jacob Cuevas and Cesar “Frijolito” Cardona and the action was fast-paced. Lucas seems right at home when he is on the inside banging away at his opponents, but when noticing his style further, there are a lot of unique movements that he makes.

I received word that Lucas was going to be arriving, via private jet nonetheless, for February’s First Friday sparring inside of Tocco’s and I was able to meet up with him and his people at Atlantic Aviation moments after he arrived this past Thursday evening.


“I came back for some more work,” Lucas stated as we spoke on the runway. “Just trying to get some more looks again. I had some great work last time when I came down and I’m just trying to get better.”

Lucas ended up putting in more work on both Friday, where he went to Tocco’s again and worked with Cuevas, and Saturday, as he worked with Cardona inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club. The action was again very intense and worth watching. Washington Redskins’ All-Pro Offensive Tackle Trent Williams was even in the building on Friday to show his support.

Check the video below for a closer look and please follow Lucas on Instagram.

Chris Robinson can be reached at CRobinson@hustleboss.com

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