8-year old Curmel Moton and 10-year old Robert Meriwether Sparring Footage

Curmel Moton and Robert Meriwether put in some good work recently in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson)


By Chris Robinson

There is always a lot of talent of all ages lurking around the city of Las Vegas.

Inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club there is always a steady flow of young up and comers. On Tuesday afternoon, 8-year old Curmel Moton laced up and went some rounds with promising 10-year old Robert Meriwether.

Moton caught some nice attention recently training out of the Pound 4 Pound Boxing up the street and like some amateurs in the city he now appears to be splitting his time between the two gyms.

Meriwether is a relatively new face to the gym but he has already been performing well for himself and turning heads.

Check out the clip below for a closer look at the sparring.

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