9-year old Keith ‘Mighty Lion’ Jordan Jr. steps in to spar with 10-year old Robert Meriwether in Las Vegas

Sparring in Las Vegas with 10-year old Robert Meriwether and 9-year old Keith ‘Mighty Lion’ Jordan


By Chris Robinson

The first time I spotted Keith ‘Mighty Lion’ Jordan Jr. I knew the kid had something special inside of him.

Just eight years old at the time and in his first year of boxing, Jordan captured a state championship at the junior golden gloves to get ranked #2 in the world at 50 pounds and he is getting ready to return for an encore this weekend at 9 years old as he eyes another belt.

I caught up with Jordan this past week in Vegas as his father Keith was getting ready for some more rounds of work inside the Mayweather Boxing Club.

Check below for a clip of Jordan working with fellow talent, 10-year old Robert Meriwether.

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