Ana Julaton speaks on her training with Roger Mayweather ahead of Nov. 1 return; compares the style of the ‘Black Mamba’ to her work with Freddie Roach

Ana Julaton training with Roger Mayweather in Las Vegas (Photo: Chris Robinson –


By Chris Robinson

Former WBO female super bantamweight champion Ana Julaton is in the final stages of her training camp in Las Vegas ahead of her Nov. 1 return in Yucatan, Mexico against Perla Hernandez.

Having suffered a setback against Celina Salazar in August, Julaton (12-4-1, 2 KO’s) has regrouped and is presently learning some new techniques from former two-time world champion Roger Mayweather inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club.

Following another taxing workout, Julaton sat down with to discuss a variety of subjects, including her quick return to the ring, making the decision to move her camp to one of the world’s top gyms, the difference in training under Roger Mayweather to her past coach Freddie Roach, and more.

This is what Julaton had to share…

Another opportunity…
“First off, I just want to say thanks to my promoter Alan Tremblay for giving me the opportunity to have another fight. It’s been kind of tough, for the past year altogether it was [hard] to get a fight. I know I had one earlier this year and now I’ve got another one. It feels good to get back into the ring. It’s good to be over in Mexico. I think it’s a hotbed for women’s boxing and I’m excited about that. It’s like my fifth time fighting there I think. It will be in Yucatan, Mexico, televised in Mexico and also by the Philippines networks. It will be a ten-round, non-title fight against Perla Hernandez.”

Thoughts on Mexico embracing women’s boxing…
“I feel like the boxing history there is so rich. Everyone from all walks of life understands boxing. You could be a little eight-year old girl and you can be a 65-year old woman, and I’ve had conversations with people and they would just break down the fights, they would talk about certain styles, how they would fight if they were actually in the ring. For them to embrace women’s boxing, I feel like for them it’s just natural.”

Her choice to bounce back from the loss to Salazar so quickly…
“I feel like it’s just from being around a lot of positive people. I had to really sit down with my core teammates for the next couple of days after the fight and it was very emotional. I wanted to swallow a lot of stuff in terms of just my emotions and how the whole thing went. Just sit down and figure out what I want to do; do I want to continue on or not? Turns out I want another shot at it.”

Having an interest in the Mayweather Boxing Club…
“I just feel like, being able to watch Floyd Mayweather train for his fight against Robert Guerrero and Canelo, it’s just really cool to see the dynamics of the gym. Everyone here is extremely positive and the camaraderie here is excellent. A lot of boxers here can really feed off of it.”

Linking up with Roger Mayweather and learning his style…
“Roger, that kind of happened by surprise. I was doing some sparring and it was some tough rounds for me and Roger just pulled me over and started taking out the mitts and we were at it for like an hour. Since then, he’s been showing me little bits and pieces here and there. What’s really cool is how experienced he is in terms of, he understands I have my own evaluation of boxing. I see it with my style and he can pick it up and he can choose and pick effective words where I can pick it up. And he’s taking the process really slow. So, I really appreciate him, because it does feel like an Academy out here for boxing. They break things down.”

Comparing Roger Mayweather’s training methods to Freddie Roach’s methods…
“I’m honored to even say I can work the mitts with both of them. But, completely different styles. For those who don’t know me, I have a big martial arts background. For me, it’s like being able to look at samurai warriors or ninja warriors. Both very effective in their own manner, but absolutely different. You have hard and soft. I feel that’s exactly how Roger Mayweather is and Freddie Roach, they are two different, systematic instructors. It’s pretty neat to be able to listen to them break down their version of how they feel boxing should work in the ring. They’re able to break it down easily for an athlete.”

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Ana Julaton training with Roger Mayweather in Las Vegas ahead of fight with Perla Hernandez


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