Diving Into Las Vegas’ Food Truck Scene

Colleague 1Tarrell at a recent food truck rally in Las Vegas (Photo: Hustle Boss)


By Chris Robinson

There has always been something about food trucks that has been appealing.

Defined as a “large vehicle equipped to cook and sell food”, a food truck is just like a mobile restaurant. Whether you are looking for something savory or sweet, no matter what time of the day and depending on your location, you are likely to find a food truck nearby that can satisfy your needs.

Having been in Las Vegas for seven-plus years, I’ve seen several food trucks around the city, and while they have always caught my eye, I have never had it in me to approach them on a networking angle. That all changed, recently, however, when I decided to start up a new web series titled Food Pursuit.

Food Pursuit is a series that will see me, as an aspiring chef myself, look to discover all the best food places, people, and stories across the world. With the series being based out of Las Vegas, I am making it a point to give shine to all local companies and brands in the culinary game.

I knew that the pursuit of Vegas’ best food trucks would be on my radar, and after coming across a flyer for a recent food truck rally, I knew I had to attend. I linked up with my colleague 1Tarell for some coverage and was glad I did.

In the parking lot of Total Wine at Town Square, just south of the Las Vegas Strip, on every Thursday, from 5-9 pm, you can find one of the city’s food truck rallies taking place. We paid the rally a visit recently and came across ten interesting and unique vendors.

Check below for a synopsis.

The Cookie Bar


Describing itself as an “alcohol-infused sweets and treats company”, The Cookie Bar has a great range of snacks, from cookies and brownies, and anything in between. All of this taking place inside of the smallest food trucks in Las Vegas, at just 6ft wide and 10ft long.

There are two-alcohol infused trucks and one without alcohol as well, for the “kid-friendly time”. With such items as Oreo Kitchen Sink, The Mug Shot, Buzz Kill, and Booze Munch on their menu, they won us over instantly. Expect much more on these guys in the coming months.

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Curbside Cafe


The Curbside Café has been around Las Vegas for over nine years and they consider themselves a “gourmet food truck with gourmet burgers”. They feature 100% Fresh Angus Beef Burgers on fresh-baked rolls, 100% Beef Kosher Hot Dogs, and Seafood Tacos, amongst other eats.

Their restaurant, Flat Top’s Burgers and Shakes, features the same food options. The truck goes all over the city, mainly doing events and catering, depending on the day of week. If you are in the need of a classic burger, this is your fix.

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Islandtucky Fried Chicken


Coming from the island of Oahu in Hawaii, the team at Islandtucky Fried Chicken come across as if they are treating you like family. Their food is a mix of Hawaiian and Asian fare and it hits the spot all on levels.

“We believe in making what our customers like and we put our passion and live into it,” they told us. “We give it to you guys the best way we can.”

Check them out for some of their famous Garlic Chicken, Poke Bowls, and more.

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I struck up an email conversation with Kabobalicious owner Mikle Georgeos recently and became interested in his truck. Originally from Syria, Georgeos began operating the truck in April of 2016, offering up such things as gyros, lamb burgers, hummus, and more.

“100% authentic Mediterranean,” Georgeos affirmed, when speaking of the menu. Great hospitality and good food too. Definitely worth a visit.

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Soul Food Café Express


Just something about the Soul Food Café Express that has me wanting to come back for more. Maybe it was how affable their staff is, or perhaps it was just how flavorful their fried fish was. Either way, they are worth a stop by.

“Me and my daughter came up with a great idea for a [food truck] and we’ve been around for about six years,” the truck’s owner stated, before serving us up with two excellent plates of food that was eaten promptly.

This is good food coming from good people. They are all over the city, so keep up.

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Unicorn Poop


I admit that the name threw me off, but this is a truck I am glad I paid a visit.

From the same owners of 50 Shades of Green and 50 Shades Tastier, the Unicorn Poop truck food offers different flavors of shaved snow, smoothies, and slushies. We tried out the Mango flavor and it was delicious.

Looking forward to more of their events, as well as getting to know the story behind their 50 Shades food trucks.

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Bad Ass Coffee LV


No matter what time of the day you are eating, there is nothing quite like coffee to cap off your meal. The graciousness and welcoming attitude from the people behind the Bad Ass Coffee food truck make you want to try some of their drinks, and I was glad I did.

Described as Vegas’ “only mobile Kona coffee bar”, they offer hot, iced, and frozen coffee, teas, hot chocolate, smoothies, and Hawaiian shaved ice. Check them out below for more.

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Dragon Grille


I have been noticing the team at Dragon Grille for quite some time now, whether it from seeing their truck around town or following them on social media.

Their truck was busy during the rally, and for good reason. Offering up Modern Asian Fusion, the truck was awarded Best New Food Truck in 2013 by Las Vegas Weekly, as well as Best Food Truck of Las Vegas in 2015 by the Review Journal. They offer Homemade signature sauces on Briskets, Pork, and Chicken, as well as specialty items like Kobe Beef Sliders and Bulgogi Philly Cheesesteak.

Stay tuned for more of them in the coming months, as we plan to highlight their story.

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King’s Sausage

Sausage for grilling

If you are a fan of the world-famous pierogies, then King’s Sausage is the spot for you. Specializing in Eastern European cuisine, King’s offers up pierogies, stuffed cabbage, and their specialty, which is a variety of gourmet sausages.

They were very accommodating and gracious towards being on our series, which makes it that much easier to appreciate their approach. But we still are waiting to try out those sausages! Maybe on the next visit.

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The street-food industry is growing in popularity and there is definitely a demand an interest towards food trucks.

There are several rallies that will be taking place on the West Coast over the coming months and we plan to be present for several of these showcases.

Stay tuned for more updates and check below for photos from the last rally at Total Wine.
















Check below for episode one of Food Pursuit and stay tuned for more.

Chris Robinson can be reached at CRobinson@hustleboss.com

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