Floyd Mayweather swats GGG, instead naming Mayfield and Berto as possible foes in September

Floyd Mayweather always causes a scene wherever he goes (Photo: Chris Robinson)


By Vitali Shaposhnikov

With Gennady Golovkin now being in the mix of viable challengers for Mayweather, the boxing community has been talking. Is this fight actually possible? Would Mayweather agree to face one of the most feared fighters in the sport? If so, what would be the demand for such a fight?

According to Golovkin’s trainer, Abel Sanchez, “GGG” would be able to come down to 154 to face Mayweather. The fans would undoubtedly accept that fight with arms wide open, but unfortunately, Mayweather doesn’t see Golovkin as a challenge.

“Even with me, being at my weight, I’m just too smart,”Mayweather said in a recent interview with BoxingScene. “You have guys out there who can punch with both hands, that go to the body good. The thing is, I do everything good. But my best attribute is that I’m very, very smart. He’s a solid puncher. But he’s straight up and down. Really, no special effects, at least not to me.”

Does this mean that Mayweather does not intend to discuss this fight as being a workable option?

There are only so many options out there for Mayweather, and most of them would not be able to deliver the kind of PPV numbers that Floyd expects. Gennady Golovkin would unquestionably bring the excitement necessary to sell out the fight.

While dismissing the necessity to fight GGG, Mayweather did mention a few possible opponents for his next fight via an Instagram video.

The two names that came up as his next opponents were Karim Mayfield, and Andre Berto. Is Mayweather looking to end his career on a low note? Why is Amir Khan, Gennady Golovkin, or even Miguel Cotto not in the mix?

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