Lil Scrappy and Erica attempt to move forward but Momma Dee has her doubts [‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’]

A scene from ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ with Erica Dixon (Photo: VH1)

20LHHA premiere

On Monday night, April 22, the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” was hosted by VH1.

Fans had been dying to see what the latest news was on the reality cast, and there was plenty of drama to take in.

For starters, rapper Lil Scrappy was shown back with Erica Dixon. The couple appears happier than ever, with scrappy having proposed to her as the settle back into life under the same roof once again.

A big focus for Erica was discussing how they would manage their finances better in order to save up money for their upcoming wedding.

On the other hand, Scrappy’s ex-love interest Shay was emotionally scarred by his dishonesty and the manner in which he ended their friendship/relationship by proposing to Erica.  A distraught Shay cried and began sharing her feelings with Momma Dee, Scrappy’s mother.

Momma Dee, who favors Shay over Erica, revealed to her that she doesn’t approve of her son marrying Erica, encouraging Shay to remain strong and to never give up because change is coming.

Momma Dee ended up visiting her son in a local clothing store to discuss how she met with Shay, and how she continues to be in love with him despite his engagement to Erica.

She feels her son is making the biggest mistake of his life and wants to be clear on his decision to marry Erica. She urged her son to meet with Shay, maybe even for lunch.

Scrappy refused Momma Dee’s request to meet Shay, claiming that now wasn’t the right time. He claimed he isn’t trying to mess up what he has with Erica.

Scrappy also encouraged his mother to get closer to her soon-to-be daughter-in-law instead.

Expect many more updates from Scrappy and Erica as season two unfolds. Viewers can catch future episodes on Monday nights on VH1 at 8 pm ET.

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