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Photo: Joseline Hernandez releases a personal picture of Stevie J plus bonus shots

Taking to her personal Instagram account recently, ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Joseline Hernandez posted a revealing photo of her husband Stevie J poolside, stating ‘My fine ass husband’. Continue on to the slideshow for more photos of Joseline partying.

All photos courtesy of Instagram

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Photos: Joseline Hernandez parties in Atlanta during Pride Week with mystery companion

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According to a report from FreddyO.com on Saturday, Aug. 31, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez was spitted at Traxx Girls’ party last night in Atlanta during pride weekend.

Also present inside of the club was Dice, known best for her role on “LaLa’s Full Court Life” as one of the sidekicks to La La Anthony, wife of New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony.

Joseline could be seen in various pictures with fans throughout the night, but one report claims that she got a little close with a female adorer.

Kirk Frost’s fling Alexis (@DreamMaryJane) snaps back at her Twitter haters

Twitter user @DreamMaryJane, known as Alexis in the real world, caused quite a stir on ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ recently (Photo: Instagram.com)

Alexis closer look 1Alexis closer look

According to a report from Bossip.com on Wednesday, July 3, there is more drama brewing regarding reality star Kirk Frost from the hit series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Fans of the wildly-popular VH1 show are still buzzing over a recent episode that saw Kirk enjoying himself at a party along with fellow cast member Benzino, as the two men were seen surrounded by females while in a Jacuzzi.

Things later got steamier as Kirk took some women into the bedroom and while the cameras didn’t show everything that went off, it’s not hard for people to use their imaginations.

Rumors state that ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ stars Erica Dixon and Scrappy are engaged again

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Erica Dixon (Photo: Instagram.com)

5 AA erica dixon

According to a surprising report from MediaTakeOut.com on Wednesday, June 19, there may be another shakeup in the world of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

It turns out that Erica Dixon, who was seen getting into a heated argument with both her then-fiancé Scrappy as well as his mother Momma Dee, may be getting back together with him.

It had been widely reported that Scrappy was going through some issues outside of the VH1 hit reality show, including his time in rehab due to marijuana intake. Turns out that when Scrappy was in rehab, Erica actually reached out to him and had his back.

Did Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez get married in Puerto Rico?

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez kissing in Puerto Rico (Photo: Instagram.com)

1 J instagram

According to a report from MediaTakeOut.com on Thursday, June 13, it appears that “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez got married this past week in Puerto Rico.

Fans of the hit VH1 reality series are well aware of the bizarre love and affection that Stevie and Joseline have for one another, but surely, reports of them getting married have likely caught people off guard.

According to a family friend, Stevie flew Joseline and her entire family to the island so that the pair could get married. Apparently, products of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” had everyone in attendance sign a confidentiality agreement so that details of the wedding wouldn’t be leaked to the public.

K Michelle opens up on her recent friendship with Chad Johnson

K Michelle recently with Bow Wow hosting 106 & Park (Photo: Instagram.com)

1 K Michelle Instagram

According to a report from UrbanBelleMag.com on Tuesday, May 21, there are a lot of changes taking place in the life of rising artist K Michelle.

A fixture on VH1’s hit series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”, K Michelle is constantly one of the more vocal people on the series, as she is no stranger to being involved in nasty cat fights and back and forth drama.

Still, some viewers may be disappointed to find out that K Michelle likely isn’t going to be returning for the third season of the series, as she instead may be joining the cast of the original “Love and Hip Hop New York”.

During a recent sit-down with the Breakfast Club, K Michelle did open up on her love life, which includes the fact that she has been approached recently by former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson.

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’: Benzino disses Stevie J, claims to have slept with Joseline on new track ‘Animal’

Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J (Photo: Instagram.com)

1Jos instagram

According to a report from AllHipHop.com on Monday, May 20, music mogul Benzino is again in the news due to some allegations he is making in relation to one of his “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast mates.

Turns out that Benzino has come out with a new track titled “Animal”, and on the song he is claiming to have slept with Joseline Hernandez.

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ drama as Erica sounds off, gets violent with Scrappy and Momma Dee

More ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ drama (Photo: VH1 photo still)

IMG_8174 LHHA Atlanta

On Monday night, May 6, VH1 aired another installment of its popular “Love and Hip Hop” series and there was no shortage of drama on the show.

One of the central relationships of the show, the always-interesting union between rapper Lil Scrappy and his fiancé Erica Dixon, again took center stage.

Starting off, Scrappy let Erica know that his ex-love interest Shay came by the studio to see him and that she was in tears explaining how much he hurt her over how their friendship/relationship ended. Erica wanted to know what he said to her, and how did she know he was even at the studio.

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ stars K Michelle and Rasheeda fight at Mimi’s housewarming

More drama on VH1′s ‘Love and Hip Hop’ (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

IMG_8179 LHHA Atlanta

On Monday, May 6, VH1 premiered the latest episode of its hit reality series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

On this latest episode, Mimi Faust threw a housewarming party, as she was excited to embark on her independence from her estranged lover Stevie J. She invited K Michelle, Rasheeda, and Ariane.

When Rasheeda walked into the apartment, neither she nor K Michelle greeted each other.

The silence ended quickly as Rasheeda and K Michelle began arguing back and forth. Rasheeda accused her of always talking about her and her husband Kirk in blogs and on the internet. K Michelle criticized the fact that Rasheeda wrote a whole essay about her on Instagram.

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ recap: Joseline Hernandez has trust issues with Stevie J

Joseline Hernandez (Photo: Instagram.com)

7 J H updates

On Monday night, April 29, VH1 premiered the second episode of the second season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

As is always the case, the drama surrounding Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez continued to build.

Lil Scrappy arrested in Georgia following suspicious urine drug tests?

Lil Scrappy last night on VH1′s ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

17 LHHA premiere

According to a report from MediaTakeOut.com on Tuesday morning, April 23, there appears to be more legal drama following Atlanta-based rapper Lil Scrappy.

Last night, on VH1’s airwaves, Scrappy could be seen playing a key role on the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

Having moved back in with his fiancé Erica Dixon, Scrappy could be seen speaking with her about various subjects, from money issues to planning for their forthcoming wedding.

Shortly before last night’s season premiere aired, it was revealed that Scrappy had gotten himself into a big debt with an Atlanta-based booking company.

Has ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star K Michelle got herself a new girlfriend?

K Michelle on last night’s ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ episode (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

8LHHA premiere

Last night, viewers worldwide were treated to the first episode of the second season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” on VH1.

According to a follow-up report from MediaTakeOut.com on Tuesday, April 23, it looks like there may be some huge changes taking place behind the scenes for one of the stars of the show.

There are rumors floating that artist K Michelle, never one to shy away from drama during her time on the series, is now living a gay lifestyle with a businesswoman in Atlanta named Sabrina.

More drama ensues between Stevie J, Joseline, and Mimi ['Love and Hip Hop Atlanta' premiere]

Much drama with Joseline Hernandez, Stevie J, and Mimi Faust (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

1LHHA premiere

On Monday night, April 22, VH1 premiered the first episode of the second season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

As expected much of the focus of last night’s episode centered around the bizarre love triangle between Stevie J and his former girlfriend and mother of his young daughter Mimi Faust and his side attraction, Joseline Hernandez.

The episode started off with Mimi stopping by Stevie J’s home to pick up their daughter Eva, who happened to be asleep. Not wanting to awaken her daughter, Mimi then decided to fall asleep in the home that Stevie J and Joseline now share.

Lil Scrappy and Erica attempt to move forward but Momma Dee has her doubts ['Love and Hip Hop Atlanta']

A scene from ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ with Erica Dixon (Photo: VH1)

20LHHA premiere

On Monday night, April 22, the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” was hosted by VH1.

Fans had been dying to see what the latest news was on the reality cast, and there was plenty of drama to take in.

For starters, rapper Lil Scrappy was shown back with Erica Dixon. The couple appears happier than ever, with scrappy having proposed to her as the settle back into life under the same roof once again.

Rumors surface that Stevie J may be getting his own spin off reality show

‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ star Stevie J (Photo: Instagram.com)

76dd0d34a6d511e2ab5722000a1f9684_7MORE love and hip hop atlanta

The buzz for the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” continues to grow, as viewers will be tuning into VH1 on Monday to check in on all of the action.

According to a report from UrbanBelleMag.com on Friday, April 19, it appears that one of the central figures on the show may very well be having a spin off series of his own.

Benzino from ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ fame dating Bambi from ‘Basketball Wives LA’?

BENZINO... MORE love and hip hop atlanta

As the days fly by, so too do we inch closer and closer to the second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”.

According to a report from MediaTakeOut.com on Friday, April 19, it turns out that one of the shows stars, rap mogul Benzino, may have found a new love interest.

Last season, it was well-documented how Benzino grew close to Karlie Redd. Now, however, it looks like he may be seeing another reality star as he was recently spotted out with Bambi from “Basketball Wives LA”.

Photos: Joseline Hernandez rolling with Stevie J as ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ nears

NEXT photoa977bb70a6b411e2850d22000aaa095e_7

The second season premiere of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” is just around the corner and the buzz for another whirlwind season is beginning to build.

The VH1 reality season was a huge hit last year and the second season kicks off on April 22, with many fireworks to be guaranteed in the form of a recent super-teaser that hit the net.

Could Lil Scrappy start seeing his ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ checks cut soon?

Rapper Lil Scrappy (Photo: VH1 Photo Still)

IMG_6936LHHA Super Trailer pics

According to a report from TMZ.com on Sunday, April 14, rapper Lil Scrappy, from the wildly-popular VH1 series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta”, may be facing some money issues yet again.

It turns out that Lil Scrappy owes $72,218.68 to an Atlanta-based booking company called Heavy Rotation. The company, which helps its clients land concerts, club promotions, and more, filed a lawsuit that claims he owes them the aforementioned amount of cash due to their services for him in 2010.

Joseline Hernandez from ‘Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’ bares it all as Stevie J watches on

Joseline Hernandez covered in grey body paint (Photo: Instagram.com via thebaddestputa)


Anyone familiar with “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez knows that she is surely comfortable with the spotlight and the taste of newfound fame that has come into her life since her turn on the VH1 hit reality show.

Throughout the first season, Joseline’s shocking and upfront demeanor won over several fans, as she has become a fixture on the show.

‘Love and Hip Hop’ star Joseline Hernandez hits up her old stripclub in Atlanta


On Saturday night, Feb. 9, “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” star Joseline Hernandez took to her personal Instagram account, giving updates to her fans on her latest whereabouts.

Turns out that Joseline was actually paying a visit to old stomping grounds of hers inside of Club Onyx in Atlanta, a well-known strip club in the area.

“Had to go see some p*ssy where I just to work at” Joseline stated while showing off a photo of herself wearing short-cut shots and a revealing white top.