Manny Pacquiao throughout the years: Losing a controversial split-decision vs. Tim Bradley

Manny Pacquiao loses a controversial split-decision to Tim Bradley inside of the MGM Grand in an HBO pay per view clash.

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Photos courtesy of Naoki Fukuda

MP over the years ...pacquiao_vs_bradley_1_20120610_1296994393 pacquiao_vs_bradley_1_20120610_1699487504 pacquiao_vs_bradley_2_20120610_1437683800 pacquiao_vs_bradley_2_20120610_1920308227 pacquiao_vs_bradley_3_20120610_1755470348 pacquiao_vs_bradley_3_20120610_1818026105 pacquiao_vs_bradley_4_20120610_1282236793 pacquiao_vs_bradley_5_20120610_1653972824 pacquiao_vs_bradley_7_20120610_2031662358 pacquiao_vs_bradley_8_20120610_1561375773 pacquiao_vs_bradley_10_20120610_1489315251MP over the years ...

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