Musawwir’s Mittwork Challenge sweeping over the boxing community

Abdul Musawwir Muhammed putting in work with upcoming amateur prospect Tavorrye Whitaker (Photo: Chris Robinson)


By Chris Robinson

Having been around Abdul Musawwir Muhammed for a few years now, I can attest that he has had several ideas and visions that are outside of the box.

And that can often be a good thing.

Having picked up the art of the boxing through tedious studies and sessions inside of the Mayweather Boxing Club, the upbeat trainer has begun a “Mittwork Challenge” online in an honest attempt to give other coaches in the sport a platform to showcase their skills.

Musawwir noted out that this isn’t a competition and that he is simply looking to do something positive and connect with other trainers while also possibly picking up a few new moves to add to his arsenal.

“We’re all babies in this game,” Musawwir clearly pointed out.

Please check below for an introduction video highlighting the series. Any trainers or fighters interested in submitting their work

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