Pro Boxer Mike ‘Rare Breed’ Williams Goes Behind the Lens

Mike Williams is making some new moves in Las Vegas (Photo: RBMBehindTheLens)


By Chris Robinson

Making a successful run in the sport of boxing is never easy, especially when you are going about it yourself. A fighter’s record on Box Rec never truly does justice to the type of struggles and obstacles one must go through to make any kind of significant progress in boxing.

Having been around the sport for 15+ years, I’ve grown to appreciate the stories of all fighters, whether they are world-class champions or aspiring amateurs pugilists on the come up. It’s always a good idea when stepping inside of a gym, to get to know boxers on all levels, as everyone definitely has something to share.

And that goes for welterweight Mike “Rare Breed” Williams, as his 1-1 record doesn’t do justice for the kind of hard work he has put in as a professional. There will definitely be more to Mike’s story, but for the moment I was pleasantly surprised when I saw him change things up and recently launch a new media platform “Rare Breed Photography”.

Give him a follow on Instagram to see some of his early Canon images he has shot in Las Vegas the past few days.

Williams admits that this is somewhat of a new endeavor for him, yet one that he is obviously 100% focused towards. As society continues to evolve, the presence of social media in today’s world continues to grow and it’s always good to catch a new wave.

I’m interested in learning more about Williams’ new venture and will be seeking him out for another exclusive. Until then, check below for some of his recent shots. More to come soon…






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